FunFair is creating a online gaming platform that bringing low-operating costs for operators, low-transaction fees for players.

The FUN token is fundamental to FunFair’s operations; Players purchase FUN to bet with, and their winnings are paid out in FUN. Game game operators revenue is paid in FUN, and game makers, and game affiliates are paid in FUN.

The platform is designed to produce a low transaction cost for players, and a low operation cost for game operators.

FunFair’s Platform will (currently for the first two years, but may be extended longer or be inherent in the rest of the system) burn it’s income of FUN. Presumably, it will be sold off for fiat or traded for another cryptocurrency, however ultimately, as more people play, more FUN will be irrevocably destroyed – increasing scarcity and as such, value.

FunFair is looking forward to also working with technologies/other cryptographic services such such as Raiden, Civic, and uPort.

Currency Details

Platform Technology: Blockchain – Ethereum